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Private Paintball Party (10+ players)


Our Private Paintball Party allows for up to 10 players and includes 2000 paintballs.  This package gives you a private referee and access to private fields for private play for a 3 hour period without the worry of playing with other experienced guests.   All required paintball equipment is included with the exception of additional paintballs.  Additional paintballs are available for purchase, visit General Admission pricing for more info.

Worried about this being your kids first time?  Or maybe you think one of the other kids might not like getting hit with a regular paintball.   Check out our LOW IMPACT program.  Enjoy the same paintball experiences, same fields at the same price but with less pain.


 Choose from two sessions:  Morning (10am-1pm) or Afternoon (2pm-5pm)

Each Player will receive:     


  • All Day Park Admission
  • All Day Compressed Air Fills   
  • Semi Auto Paintball Marker
  • Full Face Safety Goggle
  • Compressed Air Tank
  • 200 round loader and Barrel Sleeve 
  • Upgraded Perks over Basic Party:
    • player increase from 6 to 10 players
    • paintball increase from 1000 to 2000
    • private referee
    • private play 

Only $20.00 per player for additional guest attendance over 10.  No limit on amount of additional players.  Reservations are required, this package is not available on day of play.  The Private Party package is restricted to weekends only.







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