CO2 Exchange Program

Over the years, CO2 has been the propellant of choice mainly due to cost.  What most people do not realize is that CO2 puts an excessive amount of wear and tear on a paintball marker due to the liquid CO2 that is actually inside the CO2 tank.  Liquid CO2 releases unregulated amounts of gas which causes excess pressure on a gun's internals, which leads to inconsistant velocity shots, which leads to gun inaccuracy and can even result in paint breakage within the breech of the gun. 

The price of compressed air tanks has come down since their introduction to paintball, which has made purchasing a Compressed Air tank much more attractive. Now with big brother moving to regulate CO2 output, CO2 tank refills have become more expensive to refill, which has also led to an increase in compressed air tank sales. To sweeten the pot just a little bit more, we want to offer an incentive to our customers to make that move to compressed air, so we have implemented the CO2 XCHANGE Program.  This program is designed to get our players into a more modern, efficient and effective HPA solution.

How the program works...
Bring in your in date and functioning CO2 tank
We'll give you a cash credit towards any size HPA tank
*  7-9oz tanks get a $5 credit
*  12-20oz tanks get a $10 credit





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