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Tidewater's Paintball History


The Tidewater area has seen many paintball businesses come and go.  Air Power in Norfolk, Va, manufactured the Apex Elite pump gun.  Used by the military for training, this marker would become one of the most accurate paintball markers on the market.  Air Power would develop one of the first tournament electornic markers to surface, the Vector. Although it never delivered what the tournament paintball player was looking for, Air Power was one of the first innovators in the manufacturing world of paintball and they called Tidwater home.  Air Power would close its doors in the late 1990's.

  Dating back to the early 90's, ActionTown Sports was the first real paintball store and field to arise out in Suffolk.  Players came from both sides of the water to participate in the fast growing sport of paintball.  No electronic markers or airball bunkers existed during this time, the game of paintball was more of a tactics game instead of the more spray and pray game plan that you see today.  The rental gun of choice was a pump gun, everybody used co2 and rental goggles were nothing more than a uvex shop goggle that you could pickup at the local hardware store.   Paintballs were sold in 2500 round cases, you could actually get red paint and Proball was the ball to shoot, and let's not forget that you were cool if you ran "Ironman" style, which was goggles only with no face plate or ear cover.  The ActionTown Sports field in Suffolk breed a new tournament style player for the area in its time, but the field would go away by the late 90's, never to really surface back to the top as the place to play in Tidewater.


Master Blasters Paintball in Chesapeake and Tidewater Paintball in Virginia Beach would come about in the late 90's and early 2000.  These two facilities would pickup where ActionTown left off with grooming new tournament players that started to travel and would be known as contenders on the national circuit.  Many national titles were won by many local players right here in the Tidewater area.  There fields and stores supplied the local customer base for several years, but the paintball grim reaper would soon show itself to both of these fields and by the middle of the decade, these two stores and fields would also be logged into the history books.

By the end of the decade, several other facilities had opened there doors and continue to exist today.  Bethel Paintball, Fox Paintball, Splatbrothers, the Swamp Paintball and the Splat Zone are the other facilities to open up there doors to the demand of paintball players looking for a place to play.                                                             

Now we see a new field arise amongst the current fields that exist.  Located right in the middle of Tidewater, Chesapeake Sports Park is no more than 30 minutes from anywhere in Tidewater.  Close enough to i-64 that you could throw a paintball at it, this facility is to become nothing less that the paintball mecca for the Hampton Roads area.  With a fully stocked pro shop that carries most every brand of old and new, you are sure to be able to find what you want on your first visit.  CSP is determined to pickup where the others have left off, by developing local paintball players into national contenders.  Paintball is not a side hustle or second job for us, paintball is all we do at CSP.  Our staff dates back to when paintball began here in the Tidewater area and is excited to see a field of this magnitude return.  Come by and see us at the shop, bring your war stories and let's see who can tell the biggest tail. 





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